Denver HAHO

Handmade Homemade

When: Saturday & Sunday, May 5 – 6, 2018
Where: Stadium Hall at the National Western Complex | 4655 Humboldt Street
Entrance Cost: Free

After taking a break to cultivate their newly funded business incubator, Denver Handmade Homemade is back to host their largest market ever, hosting over 90 vendors and hobbyists, many vending for the first time. The HAHO Market cultivates the concept of “community supported” business in Denver, providing small-scale, cottage industry producers a chance to participate in our local economy. A big reason why HAHO is so popular in Denver is because the Market is a low-risk starting point for many blossoming entrepreneurs, and makes perusing the vendors a fresh and unconventional experience for the patrons who visit.

We will be upstairs above the Great Western Alpaca Show, which is happening all weekend long. Organized by the Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies, their annual event boasts over 800 alpacas, complete with a full day’s schedule of halter and fleece shows, fiber arts, vendors, competitions and auctions.

The HAHO is introducing a new kind of market experience, called the “Old World Layout.” Instead of running sellers along straight rows, HAHO has come up with a way to guide shoppers through a pathway that twists and turns, occasionally opening up to expose a gathering square hosting musicians, street entertainers or food kiosks. Inspired by the centuries old medinas of Morocco, where makers line narrow paths that wind through the neighborhood, showcasing the heart of their commerce and also creating a pleasantly unique shopping experience.

NWC’s concessions will be open, selling beer and food, and both events are fully accessible and free to the public.