Performance Show

AOA Show Rules & Guidelines will be followed for the entire show.

The Performance Show has five parts

1) Showmanship which places emphasis on the handler’s show abilities. Only 1 alpaca can be shown for each exhibitor.

2) Obstacle which demonstrates the alpaca’s ability and willingness to accept training and to work with its handler through a variety of obstacles. Up to 2 animals can be shown for each exhibitor.

3) Public Relations which demonstrates the alpaca’s and handler’s ability and willingness to perform day to day obstacles that may be encountered when doing public relations events with your alpacas. Up to 2 animals can be shown for each exhibitor.

4) Advanced Showmanship Class – the top 3 exhibitors from each of the Intermediate, Senior and Adult Showmanship classes will automatically be entered in this class. These exhibitors will compete with each other for the Advanced Showmanship title at the 2018 GWAS show. This class involves a more challenging handling of alpacas and advanced questioning of participants.

5) Costume class

Show Fees

Performance entry fee $20.00
(one fee per exhibitor and that exhibitor can enter as many classes as they want for that fee)

Non-AOA member fee per farm $80.00
(One non-member fee covers entry into all events for adult entries only. Youth Performance fees are waived by AOA.)

Showmanship/Performance Awards

1st to 6th place ribbons awarded
Versatility Ribbons

Only exhibitors that compete (with the same animal) in Showmanship, Obstacle & Public Relations classes can be considered for the Grand or Reserve Grand Champion Title.

Show Rules

1. Online Registration must be completed.
2. Alpacas must be registered with ARI; NO Pending ARI Registration Papers will be accepted.
3. Entries must include a copy of ARI Certificate, Buyer’s Permission to Show if applicable, completed registration and full registration fees. Buyer’s Permission to Show form can be found at
4. Entries must be registered online by 4/19/18.
5. Veterinary documents required for non-breeder/gelding classes must be included with entries.
6. To be allowed entry to the show, the owner shall submit a copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate), which shall include the ARI number, alpaca name as on the ARI certificate, microchip #, and negative BVD results with testing method for each alpaca entering the show grounds, including companion or private treaty alpacas. The Show Superintendent will keep a copy of the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection as permanent records for the show.
7. All alpacas entering the show grounds must show proof of a negative PCR test or a negative VI (VI prior to 1/1/2010) test for BVD (NO other types of BVD testing will be accepted).

Mandatory Exhibitor Disclosure [PDF]

To help with your show entries, please refer to the AOA Show Division Handbook.