Free Seminars for Exhibitors and Public

Thursday April 28th

3:00 pm

Halter Showing Class
Ann Danielson of Annie’s Alpaca ranch is having a Halter Showing class giving the Basics of halter showing in Ring 3. Anyone interested in learning how to show alpacas or looking for pointers can just attend.

Friday April 29th

3:00-5:00 pm

Peg Loom Class – Linda Kenison, Crooked Fence Farm & Mill, will be doing a peg loom class.

Come and learn the art of Peg Loom Weaving. Alpaca rugs are wonderful and make up quickly and easily on your very own peg loom. We will have looms available for purchase or bring your own. Everyone will have the opportunity to do a hands on chair pad size rug during the class. Rug yarn and warping string will be provided for everyone attending the class. Plan to attend and see what other things you can do with your core spun yarns. Core spun is a great way to use up your less than the best fiber that we all seem to have.

Send questions to: or call 801-367-1629.

This class will be limited to 12 attendees and will be held in a room under the bleachers.

Linda Kenison with husband Ted are owners of Crooked Fence Alpacas & Mill. The alpacas began in 2005 and the mill in 2009. Our theme is “Your Success is Our Success”. This started out with close friends in business, knowing that if we all work together we will be successful, and we have found success in the associations we have made with the wonderful people who have become our mentors, customers, vendors and friends.

The quality yarns that are produced at Crooked Fence Mill have been inspired by many people educated in the art of yarns and fiber. The learning curve to making a high quality yarn is long and steep. We have evolved to where we are today by applying techniques and education learned from many in the industry, and by listening to what our customers need in their yarns. Try some of our yarns and see the difference for yourself.

3:15 pm    (in the Auction Pit)

Presentation of the Quechua Benefits – Pamela Ray of Xanadu Farms along with Rhonda Deschner and Dale Cantwell will present a new short film about Casa Chapi and the ongoing work alpaca owners are making possible.  For nearly 20 years the Quechua Benefit has served the people of the Peruvian Highlands with educational, medical and dental services.  At the center of these efforts is our Casa Chapi boarding school in Chivay, Peru.  Quechua Benefit was founded and continues to be generously supported by US alpaca breeders like us.  Artwork from the children will be available to purchase.

3:45 pm    (in the Auction Pit)

Presentation of Embryo Transfer – Jude Anderson of Pucara International will talk about the hows and whys, as well as the pros and cons of Embryo Transfer.